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Tiago Ferreira has over ten years of expertise in workload automation, administering, development and advanced batch scheduling using BMC Control-M. He has led team through high-severity service impacting incidents. He mentors and trains team members to sustain a high level of productivity, and provides enterprise-wide solutions by integrating Control-M with existing applications and working in a multiple application environment handling most Control modules.

On a more detailed level his specializations include promoting schedules from one layer to the next level and effective usage of jobs / tables and reducing job counts to run a cost effective business and running the total system successful and stable with less resources. Planning, coordination and implementing failover exercises and quarterly maintenance for increased efficiency and high availability were carried out at regular intervals. Tiago also handles complex flows between multiple environments and platforms and is also skilled in handling databases. He is working towards getting in depth experience in designing scripts and batch files.

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    61 Cygni Consulting - +61 401-246-359 Senior Consultant (BMC Control-M) Brisbane

    We offer consulting services in the areas of implementation, upgrades and sustainment. As a preferred partner of BMC we have access to a wide array of training opportunities and early preview updates and are thus able to present the best equipped team for your Control-M requirements.

    Specialties: BMC Control-M,

    - Design and implement high availability Workload Automation (Batch Processing) environments
    - Upgrade older versions of Control-M to the most up-to-date and stable version
    - Migrate from IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler to BMC Control-M
    - Migrate from CA AutoSYS to BMC Control-M
    - Migrate from UNIX Cron and Windows Scheduled Tasks to BMC Control-M
    - Control-M Migration, Upgrades and Consolidation project
    - Control-M/Agent TRP 2012 (300+ Control-M/Agent upgrades)
    - BMC Control-M Workload Automation
    - BMC Control-M for Peoplesoft
    - BMC Control-M for SAP Business Objects
    - BMC Batch Impact Manager
    - BMC Control-M Business Process Integration Suite
    - BMC Control-M for Cloud
    - BMC Control-M for Databases
    - BMC Control-M/Forecast
    - BMC Control-M Self Service
    - UNIX patching (guiding offshore resource through Remedy change management and assist them with follow-up reviewers)
    - Define and enhance Service Catalogue items
    - Batch workload reduction
    - Ongoing server decommission and provisioning (SOE)
    - BMC Control-M Training

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